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Gloria been a Tarot reader for 20 years. The Tarot is her passion! She has been teaching others to share in her passion for about 10 years. Originally from New Orleans, she has read at festivals in the French Quarter, in Key Largo, and Northern California. She does private in-person readings as well as via Skype and on-line. She also reads at events at wineries in Northern California, parties, celebrations and women’s groups.


If you would like to contact one of my clients or former students, I can provide you with that information.

“Gloria provides me the insights that I need. She is caring, knowledgeable, well rounded, and professional. I only trust her for readings as she answers all my questions with honesty. I will definitely keep coming back to her for my future readings. Because of her honesty I have all the answers I need to know to move on from my situation. She will present the information she has with an astounding accuracy – It was both amazing and revealing. Gloria is amazingly gifted and will always make you feel at ease.”

—Rose P., Real Estate Broker

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following are some words I use to describe myself: Intuitive, Interpreter of Tarot Mysteries, Mystic, Teacher, One Who Empowers, Student, Tarot Professional, Old Soul Most of these terms are well known. Mystic, however, is a word we hear in various forms (mystical, mysterious, mystery). But why do I call myself a Mystic? According to, a Mystic is “a person who … believes in the possibility of attaining insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge…” My path has included the study of mythologies, various traditions, seeking ancient wisdom, meditation, methods of cleansing the aura, ritual and divination, among others. I constantly study different modalities of healing so I can bring this to my practice.

“We are strong, beautiful and each of us is unique! My sessions will bring these powers to the surface”

My passion is the Tarot, which I work with to assist others to be empowered. I find that society has done such a “head trip” on people, women in particular, that self-esteem is at an all-time low. My mission is to heal on an emotional and spiritual level, and to clear the soul of negativity, making your spirit lighter and lighter! I infuse you with positive energy, focusing on changing the old tapes so that we realize how AWESOME we really are! We are strong, beautiful and each of us is unique! My sessions will bring these powers to the surface.
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My Human Story
I was born and raised in New Orleans, which is a city full of magic – not to mention good food!! I am from a multi-cultural family - my dad was from Mississippi (English-Irish), and my mother Mexican-American. I still maintain roots in that magic land, even though I now live in Northern California with my husband and 4 dogs. I am the very proud mother of two grown boys and two grandsons, and I am blessed with the best daughters-in-law ever. Family and my pets are everything to me.

As a child, I was extremely shy and sensitive. I always have felt like an old soul. I have always been on a spiritual trip, attending several different churches in my youth and studying other traditions as an adult. The metaphysical world fascinates me!

I am a Triple Pisces – meaning that I’m almost all water!! Amazingly, I function very well in my “other life” as a legal secretary! Many of my clients have been co-workers, attorneys, dentists, wine makers and international businessmen. As I understand many of the issues that professionals deal with, I believe this is what attracts business-oriented people to me. I also understand that for some in the business world, having a Tarot reading is not always something a client wants advertised. Therefore, I am very sensitive to this fact, and never divulge what a client has relayed to me.

I love books by Anne Rice. When I do have some free time, I enjoy watching a good European historical series on Netflix and riding on the back of our Harley cruising the backroads.