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Gloria has been a Tarot reader for 20 years. The Tarot is her passion! She has been teaching others to share in her passion for about 10 years. Originally from New Orleans, she has read at festivals in the French Quarter, in Key Largo, and Northern California. She does private in-person readings as well as via Skype and on-line. She also reads at events at wineries in Northern California, parties, celebrations and women’s groups.


If you would like to contact one of my clients or former students, I can provide you with that information.

“I have had the pleasure of two readings with Gloria. Both times I can't believe how spot on the readings are to my life. She has a beautiful spirit and I would definitely recommend her, especially if you need some clarity and guidance in your life.”

—Nancy T., Legal Secretary

My Tarot Card Readings

There are as many ways of reading the cards as there are readers. There is no right or wrong way – as long as you connect with the cards, leave your ego out of it, clear your mind and deliver the messages as you see/hear/feel them. Sometimes I only interpret what the cards tell me; other times, they show you what you can expect should you continue along the path that you are on; and then there are times when that intuition speaks messages to me that are to be passed on to you. The readings that I do with the Tarot are very deep. If you want to ask when your new love will call or if he/she is cheating on you, I’m not the reader for you.
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I perform readings
in person, or via Skype.

My Tarot Deck
I use an Eclectic Deck – it is made up of 16 different decks. I continually add and take out cards as the energies speak to me. I have chosen to use this “evolving” deck because it is very important to me that when my client looks at a card in their reading, that they can see what the card is revealing, even if they know nothing about Tarot.

To receive a good reading you need to have an open mind with no expectations. Remember to leave your ego at home and genuinely want to receive answers…most of all…being ready for the answers!

I also teach my client an intuitive way of picking the cards. In this way, they are shown to really “feel” the energies of the cards. Once the reading is over and the client exclaims that they can’t believe the messages that were given were so on point, I remind them that they picked the cards, not me. Of course, this is not always possible, as when I am doing an on-line or phone reading. However, for Skype readings, those who have their own deck can pick their cards before our session, then I will pull the same cards and we are both looking at the same spread while doing the Skype reading. This works very well.
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Tarot Classes YES YOU CAN learn to read the Tarot cards!!!! Have you always wanted to delve deeper into the secrets that the Tarot has to reveal to you? Do you want to read for others to assist them with life’s challenges? You can do both! You can read for friends or become a professional.

more about tarot classes

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Tarot Classes through Skype I can teach you how to read the cards using Skype! With Skype, I get to connect with students from all around the world and I get to see the “light come on” when they start to understand the Tarot!